Our first propper Drone

Ever since we've explored that there is aerial photography (I know it exists for quite a while) we've been intrigued by getting our own drone to take pictures from out of the air. But at that point they were big, and we didn’t feel like carrying a big additional bag all around with us. Plus, they are quite expensive and for as long we didn’t have the extra coin to splurge on one. Also, we used to have a drone but that one always crashed and fell of the sky just for no reasons. And so we forgot/displaced the idea of a drone for some time.

Now we finally have one and here are the first pictures we took with it.

Hiking Taubensee between Germany & Austria

Taubensee is a small lake right at the border between Germany (Chiemgau Alps) and Austria (Kitzbühel Alps). It is one of the highest lakes in Germany with 1.138 meters above sea level.

You can hike there from both countries. We started our 2 hour hike on a cloudy rainy day in Kössen which is on the Austrian side and here are some pictures from the hike...

Eibsee & Zugspitze

This one March morning we decided to wake up early for sunrise at Eibsee. The alarm was set for three o'clock and of we went for some canadian vibes beneath Germany's highest mountain, on which we - hard to believe - never been before.