ups it’s been a while since we updated here. 

Its been a new a curious ride through the country’s lately.  


A lot has happened since we started our trip to Morocco last year. We changed the van several times and we were on a long trip through Italy and also in France.

Since we came back from the Far East we were drawn to Italy in Europe and we wanted to visit Sicily. When we decided this we changed the van back to Germany. We really wanted to visit Sicily and so we decided to start our Italy trip there as well. Within two days we drove the 2272 kilometers to the border in San Antonio to take the ferry to Messina and explore Sicily from there.

We have traveled quasi within approximately one month once around the island and had a good time with the people of the island and the good food and of course also with the good wine.

On Sicily itself we drove 1067 km and enjoyed the Etna, Taormina, Palermo and some beautiful beaches and small villages across the Island.


here are our favourite images from the island of Sicily