Oh! It’s Gaga’s Mom

We had some problems the first time we wanted to get into Bosnia and Herzegovina.

As it was pretty late and getting dark, so we wanted drive quickly to the country and find a place to stay for the night. First thing was that Christof just drove through the border control without noticing the stop sign, so that the croatian police had to call us back. Actually the policeman was a little bit pissed in the first few seconds and told us to park the car at the side and we were already thinking like „great, now he will completely check out the car in every single corner and we will stay there for hours“.

Lucky guys… he turned out very kind was just telling us that he could have charged us something arround 400€ just for that „mistake“ and we should never do that again. Christof apologized a lot and we were fine to get to the police of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Then came the thing that they wanted to see the green insurance card for the car to get into the country. Well, hmm… we forgot about this thing totally.

The result was just to turn arround and… wait for it … Yapp!

After 5 days more in croatia we finaly went further to Bosnia and Herzegovina. There we found this georgeous nice little garden next to a river, which was the place of Gaga’s mom. She welcomed us to stay there for one night with her great smile and a nice coffee and a bottle of Raki…

So we stayed there at our first day in Bosnia and Herzegovina until the sunset startet and had nice conversations with her and Gaga.